Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I was tagged by Akelamalu at
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    Sorry it took me a while to get around to it. She tagged me again for another one- I'll get to that one soon.

    1)How did you get sucked into the blogging whirlpool?

    I was told about blogging by a woman I was attending Weight Watchers with. There were 3 of us attending the meetings together. We began to discuss how we could keep ourselves motivated and encouraged. She suggested we start a team blog so that we could all post our progress and check up on each other. I, being ever up for a challenge, ran right home to look into this insanity.

    2) How long ago did you start?

    I began that blog last January 2006.

    3) Who introduced you?

    See question 1. Honestly, I do not even recall her name right now. Needless to say we do not attend Weight Watchers together. And, it's not because we don't need to.

    4) Who was your first visitor and do you still visit each other?
    My first visitor was another Weight Watchers team member, Kathy. And, no, she does not blog so she no longer visits me.

    5)How has your blog changed from your first posts, and did you envision it developing the way it has?

    It first started as a weight loss journal. Only one other team member ever contributed to it however. I deleted that particular one several months after it was begun. That one was entitled No More Junk In The Trunk

    I began a second blog that next summer. That one was a place for me to experiment with a little bit of writing... Get my thoughts out. It was a bit more private so I only shared that one with a few friends. That is where I began to post some of my photographs and get a bit more creative. I deleted that after a major heartbreak, in anger and frustration.

    This blog I began this past December 29th. It was therapy for me,after the above mentioned heartbreak. I needed a place to put my thoughts down so that I could analyze what was going on...and hopefully find some HEALING. This, too, has changed quite dramatically in the past few months. It is less a place to analyze my pain and fear and more a place to share my photos, my garden, and some thoughts.
    Most importantly- I have been fortunate enough to find a very close-knit group of friends somehow.

    I used to post as Hag in the Jag. When I began this one I felt I needed a brighter, sparklier persona- thus, Gewels.

    6) Have you any other blogs and, if so, what is their purpose?

    No other blogs. I can barely find enough interesting things to write about to keep one updated.

    Thanks for making me think Akelamalu. If you're reading this consider yourself tagged and Let me know you've played.

    Once you've played go back to Annelisa's site and let her know.
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    Mother of Invention said...

    Interesting to see the differences and similarities of our blog experience. I should do this soon!
    I like your new sparkly name!
    Did weight watchers help you and are you on any maintenance program now?

    Akelamalu said...

    Loved reading your answers on this Gewels. It's great reading how people get into blogging. Thanks for joining in. x