Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ooh, Baby I Love Your Way

PETER FRAMPTON- Ram's Head Live Baltimore.

Sounding better than ever. A little less hair but it surely didn't affect his voice!

He was awesome!!



Waiting for your love

I could feel your soul was hurting
I could see it in your eyes
And you tried so hard to fool me
You don't live in paradise
But I, I'll try, try to find the way to show you
I will be there when you call believe what I say
I'll give you my hand should you fall please don't turn away
If you find yourself out in the cold
I'll always be here -- waiting for your love
It's the time for starting over
Hard to leave so much behind
Put your faith in all you dreamed of
Losing you would be such a crime
And I, I'll try, try to find the way to show you
Sometimes it won't always be that easy
Hold on -- together we can work it out


Akelamalu said...

Blimey I'd have walked past him in the street!!
Still as long as he still sounds good that's the main thing eh?

Mother of Invention said...

Not bad! And he's still likely got that nice chest too!

Barbara said...

I love the way these guys stick around forever. Mick Jagger is as energetic as ever as he jumps around on the stage. (I saw him at RFK about 35 years ago.) Paul McCartney's "Memory Almost Full" is so perfect now that he's 65 and has lived "When I'm 64". We have to but look in the mirror and realize we're keeping pace with them...

steve said...

When he did that talk-box thing, everybody would go wild!
I think a lot of girls maybe lost their virginity listening to 'Baby, I love your Way"...I guess its not a bad way to go....

soubriquet said...

Back in the seventies, the very early seventies, yes, in the last century, even, I went several times to 'Almost the Greatest Show On Earth', being Peter Frampton's Camel, and west country rockers, Stackridge.
Great times!
I think I have an old gig poster somewhere.
Stackridge re-formed recently too, played Glastonbury a couple of years back.