Monday, June 18, 2007


I have recently been tagged by Mike

8 Random Facts about me.

The rules are as follows:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
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1) I eat lemons - I not only eat anything made with lemons (icecream, sorbet, pie, cake, etc). I like to eat lemons, peel and all. I did hear that the citric acid was bad for tooth enamel so I have curbed the urge to eat them that often- all for the sake of my pearly whites.

When I was pregnant with my first child my husband and I drove all over town looking for lemon ice cream. That was my biggest craving. Not sorbet- it had to be ICE CREAM.
We finally found it at a Baskin-Robbins. It was their flavor of the month (JULY). 27 years later and I have yet to see it again.

2)My nose is pierced- 2 summers ago I dared a co-worker to go with me to get our noses pierced. She went that evening (I had a meeting to get to). She was convinced that I would not get it done. But, much to her surprise, I downed two shots of vodka as I headed out of the door from work. Boy am I glad I did- it hurt like hell!

I have been wearing a very small diamond in the crease of my left nostril. I thought it was very cute- and quite rebellious of me. I took it out a few weeks ago when I was going to get a facial and have not put it back in. I'm debating whether I should or not. I don't believe my boss would want me to. But, hey, what the heck!

3)I had my Confirmation at The Vatican - In case you didn't know by now I am VERY Italian. When it came time to have my confirmation, at 13, our family was planning on a trip back home to Italy. My parents then arranged for my sister and I to be confirmed at The Vatican. So, the summer of my 13th year there I was in a beautiful lace dress (that my Mother had made) kneeling before a Cardinal, in the Vatican, to be confirmed. Religiously, I don't think it helped me out any though.

4)I can't sing- I was 35 years old when the realization hit me that I really could NOT sing -as I was telling the story of my early glee club days in 7th grade.
I was attending Catholic school when I tried out for the new Glee Club that was being formed. I tried out and made the cut. However, they made me an alto, which was a tad upsetting. You see, I always thought boys were altos.

One day after practice one of the nuns- Sister Mary Joseph- came to me to tell me that they had a special job for me. They needed someone to play the bells for the glee club. They thought that I would be the perfect person. I was thrilled. I practiced diligently every day and on the weekends to make sure I was the best bell player they had ever seen. And, I was fabulous!

I never realized until that day in my 35th year, as I was telling this story, that the reason that I had been singled out to play the bells was because I could NOT sing. I was devastated with that realization. Damn Nuns!

5)I married my 11th grade History teacher- Now, before you all get all scandalized, it's not what you think.
We actually met up again about a year and a half AFTER I graduated. I was attending the University of Md. at the time. And he was also married at the time.

About 2 months later he phones me and asks me out on a date. I had NO idea it was him- after all, I never knew his first name. I just assumed it was a kid down the street with that same last name (I didn't know his first name either). I did not want to go out on a date with this kid. I graciously declined but he remained persistant. I relented and arranged to go out. As soon as I got off of the phone it dawned on me that it might be MR.COX. I ran upstairs to check my yearbook and his first name...oh WAS him. Now I really did not want to go on this date. I called the high school to try and catch him- gone for the day. I then found his number in the phone book- disconnected. There was no way that I could cancel this date.

Anyway, he picks me up, we go out to a restaurant for drinks and I proceeded to get absolutely rip-roaring drunk. That was the only way I was going to get through this date. Needless to say we had a good time. At least that's what he says- I don't remember.

6)I've been in a movie with Josh Mostel (Zero's son)- When I was in the 8th grade movie producers came to the school to shoot a bus safety film. Josh Mostel was our bus driver. I was chosen to be one of the students on the bus as it was going over the edge of a cliff. The driver was distracted when kids on the bus started fighting and he drove us off of a cliff to our impending deaths. It was SO cool. I'm just sorry that I didn't get to be in the scene where the bus flips over and over on it's way down the hill. I so wanted to be covered in all that blood.

I moved away that summer to a different school. I was now in the 9th grade. One day we were all herded into the auditorium to watch bus safety films and there I was on the big screen. My 15 minutes of fame.

7) I've been arrested- The summer of my 14th year I went to the shore (Wildwood, N.J.) for summer vacation with my family and best friend Pauline. A friend of mine got me an ounce of pot to take with us. One morning, as my parents were out getting donuts for breakfast, Pauline and I decided to go out and "catch a buzz". we walked down to the bay and found a vacant lot right on the water where we could sit,watch the seagulls, look at the boats and get high. Unbeknownst to us those boats, that we were watching gently bob up and down in the water, were police boats. Next thing we know we see a cop pull up and walk across the lot towards us.

We grabbed our stuff and ran as Pauline begged me to throw the pot out. I refused because at that time it was the BEST pot I had ever smoked. It was just too good to get rid of.

Needless to say we were caught and put into the police cruiser (Did you know that they don't have door handles on the inside?- I didn't). We were then taken back to the station- finger prints AND mugshots were taken- to await the arrival of my parents. This was on only day 2 of a two week vacation.

8)Swam with wild dolphins - I posted this story back in January. You can read about it Here

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Barbara said...

I could never come up with 8 things as good as these! I have to know if the recently posted picture of your husband is Mr. Cox. If so, can I assume you're still married to him?

What happened as a result of your arrest? Was there a punishment or just a warning? How did your parents react? I love it that you couldn't bear to throw out the evidence!

steve said...

Lemons always make my lips do weird things....
When the Cops show up, Gewels, you got to lose your stash, cause they are going to find you and they will find it too.
Did the Vatican hear about your arrest? Were you de-frocked?

Bring me a Lemon Chest Pie and I'll de-frock you.

GEWELS said...

Barbara- yes, that is him. and yes, we are currently married (for how long is anybody's guess). Nothing happened with the arrest. I think they just wanted to scare us.
My parents? Well, you saw the photo of my Dad right? Actually, they were upset but chilled out after a day or two. They eventually even let me go to the boardwalk by myself - at night!

Steve- Um, I believe it's lemon CHESS pie.
And 33 years later I realize that I gotta get RID of the stash. Not that I have a "stash" anymore, mind you.

Akelamalu said...

WOW that was a GREAT read! You little 'devil' you!
PS I didn't know you are Italian!

Dave said...

Funny & cool stuff! I was forced to try out for our grade school choir. In my school, everyone was in the choir unless they threw a big fit to get out of it. With me, they recommended that I find some other activity than singing which was fine with me. My two-year violin teacher made it clear to me that he would make my life hell if I tried to sign up for a third year so I didn't. I guess he didn't want me to ruin his orchestra for another year. Anyway, I've been playing one musical instrument or another ever since--guitars, bagpipes, harmonicas, you name it. I have failed miserably at all of them! That is, until three days ago, Father's Day, 2007, when I came to own the ultimate instant-success instrument. I was rockin' out on it almost instantly! Amazing! More on that later...

Nice Post!


Mother of Invention said...

What an exciting on the edge life you've had! I'm pretty tame and dullsvile in comparison! I can't think of any teacher I would have dated, I've never even done pot, I never drank as much as most and I don't drink at all now. I don't eat lemons..only if they've been soaked in pop. Glad I can liven things up vicariously through you!You and Steve would have been ripers together in high school!

Mike M said...

Great post!!

You rock!!

GEWELS said...

Akela- Yup, Italian thru and thru.

Dave- I've tried my hand at the piano and the zither (HA)

MOI- I think had Steve and I known each other in high school we would both be in jail together or dead now-but we would have had fun, I'm sure.

Mike- ..and "roll"
Thanks for making me reveal more about myself than the world ever needs to know.

Melissa said...

Cool little revelations...not sure mine would be nearly so intriguing. I'm jealous of the nose piercing...I thought about doing it for my own 45th birthday present, but life got in the way. Perhaps when I turn 50??? As for the it anyway, and loud. I think it's good for the soul.

Heart of Rachel said...

How interesting! I enjoyed reading this post and learning more about you. You and your teacher must have been meant for each other from the start. Very sweet!

GrizzBabe said...

Okay, those are 8 totally cool things. My, you've led an interesting life!