Friday, June 01, 2007


  • Melissa
  • and Steve got married!!

    This is for you,girlfriend, because you so love peonies. The bouquets were lovely with the stargazer lilies added. My peonies were blooming profusely for your day. Unfortunately the lilies are waiting until later in the summer to rear their lusty heads.

    Let Your Love Flow

    There's a reason
    for the sunshine sky
    there's a reason
    why I'm feelin' so high
    must be the season
    when that love light shines
    all around us

    So let that feeling
    grab you deep inside
    and send you reeling
    where your love can't hide
    and then go stealing
    through the summer nights
    with your lover

    Let your love flow
    like a mountain stream
    let your love grow
    with the smallest of dreams
    and let your love show
    and you'll know what I mean
    it's the reason

    Let your love fly
    like a bird on a wing
    let your love bind you
    to all living things
    let your love shine
    and you'll know what I mean
    that's the reason

    So let the wonder
    take you into space
    and lay you under
    it's loving embrance
    feel the thunder
    as it warms your face
    you can't hold back

    Bellamy Brothers

    Sounds like a perfect day- Glad I could share it with you!!!


    steve said...

    Good Luck to steve and Melissa- I love this song!

    Barbara said...

    What a nice send-off to married life!

    Dave said...

    Good luck to S&M, err... Steve and Melissa (that came out wrong!) Not being a word person, I think I've heard that song a thousand times and never noticed the lyrics. To me, just the melody and the fine instrumental work were enough to hold my interest. Now that I've read the words I like the song even more. Great songwriting!

    Linds said...

    Love the flowers!

    Nice song choice, by the way - I love that song.

    Hope you have a good weekend... enjoy the weather!

    Talk to you soon, friend.


    Akelamalu said...

    Good Luck to Steve and Melissa - I love weddings. :)

    goatman said...

    I've always loved that song. Seems you just feel good listening to it.
    And "sweet melissa" reminds me of the Allman Brothers. A musical theme to your post. I hope the match works out.
    Yes, the Nelson-Atkins in KC has the shuttlecocks (4 I think) around the grounds. They have just added a new modern series of buildings which opens a month after we were there (June 8) housing American Indian and Chinese relics which had been in storage. I loved the Chinese and east Indian exhibits in the old building. Ancient emanations.

    Mother of Invention said...

    Nice dedication to some special people and beauty pink/purple combo!

    Melissa said...

    Dearest Gewels and wellwishers.
    The wedding was fab...the day was perfect and life is good. Love the song lyrics as they soooo say what I feel.

    Thanks for all the good wishes...they were felt in my heart, which happens to be bursting these days....

    The link to the photographers site for anyone that might like to take a look at the peonies is:
    password: Rohwedder

    Love and big blessings back at all of you...and especially to Gewels for her awesome contribution of a spot on her blog.