Tuesday, October 30, 2007


An annual fundraiser for Meals on Wheels took place last week.
This is what I've been working on for months. I was the Design co-chair for this event that attracted over 300 guests.

It consists of a fabulous 5 course wine dinner- with local catering companies providing each course, and, local wine reps donating all of the wines.

This year we also included a design theme. ..... Fairytales.
We had 30 tables ,each designed by a different florist, event planner or caterer.

I have included a few photos of the event.

These are a couple of shots of the table which I designed. My fairy tale was the Snow Queen (I would be very surprised if any of you even knew the tale). It involved lots of snow flakes, ice crystals and snow coated red roses with icicle branches. I had menu cards printed on shimmery silver paper which I accented with 3 dimensional snowflakes and crystals. I even gave away hand-spun crystal snowflake ornaments to each guest that sat at my table.

This is a shot of one of the 2 Jack in the Beanstalk tables.

And here is The Princess and the Pea table. Very cleverly done- this one won the People's Choice Award.

This next one is the Ugly Duckling table- complete with a feather coated table cloth.

This is the Kama Sutra Table- not really a fairy tale but Enchanting at the very least- this actually won for best table. What you can't see is the fabulous canopy that the designer created over the whole table with dozens and dozens of lanterns suspended from above.

These last shots are of myself -with my co-chair Stephanie- being photographed by Baltimore InStyle magazine. Seeing as it was a fairytale theme we donned our wings.
After all, where else can a girl wear her fairy wings?

Now do you see what I mean about a big-ass fairy....And I don't mean Stephanie.

Friday, October 12, 2007


With all of this talk going around in blogger land of choosing an avatar I decided to consider mine.

It was suggested that Jane Russell and Gina Lollobridgida would be perfect representations. I do suppose that we all three have a certain attribute in common,

However, I think I can more closely relate to this one. After all there is a striking resemblance to my mother. Although I do look more like my Dad.
I think she's just VERY Italian-looking...as am I.

What do you think?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


On our last day in Alaska we decided to go on a salmon fishing trip.

Following are a few photos of the results.

Bringing the first silver in.

Me, proudly displaying my first catch!

This shot is some of the "loot" at the end of the day.

And this shot is of the same "loot" as it appeared on my doorstep.

Why do I mention this now you ask....well, because I just finished a dinner of our own caught salmon, grilled on cedar planks.

....And you feed him for a lifetime.
Chinese Proverb