Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Warrior Soul

*Damn! *There's a whole world at war with you;
You're outnumbered like crazy.
Sun's beating down, armor's rusty.
It's like the end before it's even started.

*Man! *You know everyone's safe in the village
Praying, wishing, calling for you
To 'get er done' and get on home,
And you want to just get up and leave the battle.

*Whoa! *Suddenly, you're surrounded
By great legions of your worst enemies
And some of them even resemble
Your friends, your faith...your own heart.

*AAAA! ! *You're scared out of your mind
And shaking out of your clothes
Struggling to think straight
As your foes advance, but...

*Yaaa! *You still draw your sword
Kick your heels into your stallion
And fight that damn good fight
Even when odds and gods are against you.

*Phew! *You've conquered your minions,
Slayed your dragons well.
But hell, you're still fighting-
(That's right, still fighting)

And that is why we adore you.
~Warrior Soul~

Ebone' Ingram

(I found the poem above on Poemhunter.com) More perfect words do not exist for this battle.

Soubriquet suggested that I post some shoes for our own Warrior Woman!!
Here we have some FIERCE ones with weapons for heels.

If she's feeling particularly firey today these are in order.


Anonymous said...

you guys have me in tears today.......holding onto center.......have my stilettos ready (plus it makes me taller than ALL of them-ha).......long road ahead....i'm saddling up........cross your fingers, wish me luck.

love you all.........can't express how much......

GEWELS said...

Good Luck, Baby!

steve said...

ahem.....i don't think I'd wear either of those to Court... makes me think of Barbara Streisand in that movie....I can't remember the name!

Dsquared said...

Terrific poem and so apropos. From he poet's words to RDG's "battle". Let is be so. (Note: this blog won't accept my actual word press blog site - it only accepts blogger sites. So ignore the link above)

Linds said...

Love the poem - definitely resonates deeply with me.

Your blog is always a fresh breath for me during these hectic days.

I love you, Girlfriend.

Big, big hugs*

GEWELS said...

Hey y'all!! These are fantasy shoes- K? And, I can post whatever slutty looks I want.

And Steve- I would HOPE that YOU wouldn't wear these to court.

In my fantasy world- these heels contain daggers and the wraparounds are whips- so watch out James Bond, or Maxwell Smart- more like.

steve said...

Wow Gewels- you can be my Bodyguard!

GEWELS said...

Steve- GLADLY!

Mother of Invention said...

You need some with spurs for RDG's future battles! I told her to get her Xena Warrior Princess Steel Bra on!

Our group Bloggy mo-jo fighting vibes wee definitely felt by The RDG Kitty Girl!