Sunday, May 06, 2007


Here's what is blooming today in Gewel's garden of earthly delights.

Lay me down-
on a carpet of fragrance
petal-soft pink caresses-
twisting and twirling drifting down beyond blue
fluttering on a breeze to be swept aside-
pulled by invisible threads
showers of velvet sift, hover, barely float
encompassing all, buried beneath flora
Lay me down-

The above poem is in response to Chuck's criticism that I must include my words in these posts (and not the words of others).
Others say it so much more eloquently than I, however.


Akelamalu said...

I almost cried when I read your words - beautiful!

Your peonies are gorgeous, mine have only just come into bud.

GEWELS said...

Akelamalu- Wow, that was quick I was still revising everything when you snuck in and tiptoed through my garden. You sly fox, you

Barbara said...

I wonder what happens to all those pink petals that are shed each spring. Where do they go?

Elaine said...

I can't stop looking at the Lilies of the Valley - they take me back to my childhood when I used to sneak into someone's yard just to smell their scent.

Linds said...

Gewels... LOVED your words, Girlfriend!

And... CONGRATS on being a PUBLISHED writer!

Beautiful & talented. I'd be jealous if I didn't love you so much.

Okay, I'm still jealous. Just a teensy weensy bit though. =)

steve said...

Talk about some "Gala Linens"... love that Pink Bedspread...and you wshopuld use your own verse more often...quite nice!

GEWELS said...

Thanks for visiting everyone.
Barbara- Well these petals are shriveling up and trashing up my lawn.
Elaine- Enjoy those Lily of the valley- what you're looking at is 24.50 worth of flowers (yup-12.25 a bloom)They better start multipying at that cost.
Linds, Linds- glad to hear your world is brighter these days. Nice to hear from you.
Steve-thanks for being so nice about my crappy poetry. Maybe the more I create the more creative I will become.

Mother of Invention said...

This is eloquent! Such a soft floaty and feminine feel to it!

I can almost smell the Lily-of-the-Valley! Ours are just green shoots now..and be assured that they will spread!! In a few years you'll want to thin them! How DO they get them to smell JUST like the perfume?!!! HA! Muguet de Bois..remember that?