Sunday, May 13, 2007


We're having a party. It's Steve's birthday and we're agonna celebrate. So run on over to
  • Bullet Holes In The Mailbox
  • and wish him a good one!!!

    We're now entertaining him- since he entertains us on a daily basis.

    The world -famous Tyrolian Oompah band playing just for you.

    St. Pauli girl stopping by with your gifts!

    And Here's Zippy- creating balloon animals for all the kids (especially you)!

    And our very special guest- Marilyn Monroe. Here to sing you her breathy version of "Happy Birthday"

    And, finally, a birthday cake made just for you- by ME!!

    Have a great day, Steve!!! We all love you


    Annelisa said...

    Lovely Start to the party, Gewels... I'll go off and get some booze and some snacks... see you later!

    and, to Steve, Have a Quacking good Birthday!!

    *blowing one of those quirky paper un-rolling whistle thingies*

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Gewels - knew you'd do him right......I'm trying to figure out a way to send you some pix for his's a special happy birthday cowboy from red dirt girl:

    and here's the 'hoe down' for later this evening:

    if these links don't work, let me know......and I'll send the photos to you in an email.....

    XXX Red

    Barbara said...

    When is Steve coming to the party? He's never at a loss for words, but he doesn't seem to have arrived yet. I hope he's just otherwise occupied with good company and endless entertainment!

    Thanks for "hosting"!

    steve said...

    (Rubbing Eyes and whining)
    I had 4 Margaritas and a Rosalie last nite...I'll be seeing Rosalie again. But if you'll give me about 10 minutes, I'll be ready to go again!
    Gewels, I sure appreciate the thought here...and I can't wait to meet all of ya'll someday, Birthday or Not, because everyone here seems like a friend to me.
    And all of my ROWDY friends have settled down

    GEWELS said...

    Steve- Glad you (and Rosalie) had a good time. And, glad you could finally make the party. We were all getting worried.

    Thanks Annelisa, Red dirt girl and barbard for helping me with the preparations.

    And,I know MOI and David popped their heads in to check it out and wish you a good one.

    Hmm, what to do for next year????

    Mother of Invention said...

    Steve is a riot! What would we'yall do without ourfix of that nutbar?

    Next year? We all fly to Texas!!!

    Annelisa said...

    Had to go out yesterday, so I missed the end... glad Steve managed to make it to his own party... wouldn't have been the same without him! :-)

    I've been trying to work out whether Rosalie is a girl or a drink! :-D

    Akelamalu said...

    I popped my head round Steve's door just to say Happy Birthday, didn't stay though cos I didn't really know anyone being new to the neighbourhood! :)

    GEWELS said...

    MOI- Steve is a nut bar and but that's only one reason we all love him. Don't ya think? And Texas it is!!
    Annelisa- Glad you made it back. Knowing Steve, Rosalie's a REALLY HOT CHICK! However, he probably did name a drink after her.
    Akelamalu- You really should join Steve's neighbors- We have a hell of a time being regaled by his fabulously funny stories. It was nice of you to stop by his place to join the party. The more the merrier- I always say!!!.