Tuesday, May 22, 2007


For the first time ever- I have been tagged by
  • Not So Little Woman

  • 4 jobs I've had
    Travel agent
    Sales associate at Victoria's Secret
    Aerobics Instructor
    Floral designer

    4 movies I can watch over and over
    Dances with Wolves
    Out of Africa
    Fried Green Tomatoes

    4 places I've lived - This is the boring answer
    Washington D.C.
    Silver Spring, Md.
    Beltsville, Md.
    Columbia, Md.
    That's it- nowhere exciting.

    4 categories of TV programming I enjoy
    Cooking Channel
    Travel programs
    Design programs
    "Real Sex" - no judgements please, I am just fascinated by people's quirks.

    4 places I've been on holiday

    4 of my favorite dishes
    Rack of lamb
    Dilled Blanquet de Veau
    French fries- with lots of salt and vinegar
    Bouillabaise or other fish stew like cioppino

    4 web-sites I visit daily
    Bullet holes in the mailbox
    Velvet Factor.blogspot.com
    Written Inc.

    4 places I would rather be right now
    Costa Rica
    Sailing around the Greek Isles

    I know, I sound more boring than ever! I think I need to move out of this state.

    So now I guess I have to tag somebody: Sorry y'all but I'll tag Steve, Akelamalu,
    Barbara, and anyone else who wants to play!


    meno said...

    You may have lived in boring places, but you have visited some cool ones.

    steve said...

    I'd like to live at Victorias Secret,eat Fried Green Tomatos grown, harvested and cooked by you and by on "Naked Garden Day", while Iron Sex Chef is on the TV and you are on your way to Texas.
    Instead of tag we can play "Hide and go Spin the Bottle.'

    GEWELS said...

    Oh Steve, Steve, Steve- I quite Victoria's Secret because of boys like you- always asking me to model the lingerie. You do make me laugh!!

    Barbara said...

    Love your jobs! I'll take up the tag tomorrow.

    Akelamalu said...

    I'll do it tomorrow. What interesting job's you've had.

    steve said...

    Do 'quirks" mean what I think it do?
    I'll do your tag later today!

    Mother of Invention said...

    I did this in the fall and mine's more ordinary than yours!