Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This past Mother's Day weekend was spent cooking- And EATING!

It started with a small gathering here with a few friends. The weather was absolutely perfect so I was able to have my first dinner of the season outside. Something about dining outside makes the food taste that much better. I don't know what it is.

This was when I made my chicken with forty cloves of garlic (thank you Barefoot Contessa). I paired that with a simple salad and a side dish of bowtie pasta with swiss chard, spinach and scallion sauce. That dish did cause a fire in the kitchen. But, we were able to get it out before the fire department had to be called. I really must pay closer attention to my cooking!

This is how the table looked. What you can't see is my fabulous chandelier full of candles hanging above the table. It gives off amazing light.

We ended with this fabulous berry souffle dessert. A mix of raspberries and blackberries swirled into a souffle. YUM! Thank you Food and Wine magazine.

Sunday was spent entertaining my family- my parents, two sisters and their families, my kids and their girlfriends. Again, the weather was gorgeous..my Father made a point of saying that whenever we needed rain I needed to plan a gathering- since it ALWAYS rains on my parties...maybe the pattern has finally been broken.

Next we have a photo of myself with my kids and dogs.

My boys.

My dad and brother-in-law digging into the buffet- A fabulous Beef brisket with my friend Travis's barbecue sauce (he hails from Texas so it was the REAL thing). my mother's amazingly huge baked penne pasta (where Mom goes so does pasta),grilled salmon, green beans, skewered grilled veggies, and caesar salad.

And to end the day 3, yes count them-3 desserts. I made the lemon cake in the center-with a layer of lemon curd between the layers in addition to the lemon buttercream icing. On the right is a raspberry/white chocolate semi-freddo with raspberry compote to top it. It was supposed to be bittersweet chocolate, but what the heck. And my sister's contribution of a coconut cake.

So this week started with doing a much longer walk and tae-bo after all of that feasting. Now for the leftovers.


Akelamalu said...

I love eating outside too, unfortunately the weather here is terrible at the moment so we've no chance.

Love the photographs and the food looks delicious. MMmmmmmmm.

steve said...

Gewels, the food looks GREAT and you...you look like a young girl!
I bet with that Tai-bo stuff you could probably whup me.

Linds said...

Set a place for me - I'm suddenly starving! :)

Barbara said...

I just spent the morning biking and am seriously hungry so everything looks delicious! Makes me want to cook with you. There is nothing more fun than cooking with someone who likes to cook.

Your boys are so handsome. Too bad they are already taken. I have a very cute daughter!

Your gourmet weekend looks wonderful!

david santos said...

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Mother of Invention said...

Wow! What a delicious looking feast! I'd be happy just to come for dessert! Don't you just love leftovers and then you get a break from cooking?! I always host Father's Day because we have a big yard but not so big a house on the main floor. (Much of it is my husband's business)

Nice looking family and I agree with Steve, you look way too young to have those boys! You look fabulous.

GEWELS said...

Akelamalu-Oh, summer will be there too before you know it.
Steve-Thank you, thank you, thank you. And, Maybe I could whup your arse.
Linds- You're here next time!
Barbara- I would love to cook with you. The fire didn't even scare you. Cool!
MOI- After day 3 I'm done with the leftovers. Thanks, those boys are adorable- coming from their doting mother.

meno said...

Thanks a bunch. Now i am starving. That looks incredible, and the boys are cute too.

GrizzBabe said...

A fellow foodie AND you start fires in the kitchen!! We must be twin sisters separated at birth.

Not so little Woman said...

That food looks very yummy!! And the sons too... Hahaha. I know, they are way too young for me and I have a man. But I still appreciate good food and good looking guys.

Congrats and happy mother's day!!