Sunday, February 25, 2007

32 degrees, 80 degrees

This morning was a clear, dry morning up until about 10 am. As I was taking my morning 3 mile walk we started to get a bit of freezing rain and sleet. This, in turn, became large plump white snowflakes which proceeded to fall until about 5 pm.
The day turned into a beautiful, white,late winter scene.
After work I went out and took another walk with my camera. This is how it looked.

This was my footwear of choice today.

This will be my footwear of choice tomorrow.

We head out at 6:30 am for Costa Rica. By tomorrow evening the snow and cold will be a distant memory. not that I've minded the weather this winter. I have actually enjoyed our cold and intermittent snow falls. That's what seasons are all about. But, boy could I use a tan!


Anonymous said...

These are amazing shots, Gewels......I haven't seen ice storms since I lived at home in Atlanta - 20+ years ago.......I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoe shots......girl you are the BOMB in those black boots and!!!!! and then on to Costa Rica.....which I've yet to visit.....but your photos do it justice......enjoy your lovely new deserve the very best!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend.......hope you're loving your luxury in Costa Rica.......especially the weather!!!!!!!

Have some cool new storage gear for ya'.......when you come back - check it out. HA!


goatman said...

Bet that you'll be glad to swim in that warm blue-green water.
Good thing the seasons change, I don't think I could be cold for any longer.

Linds said...

I'm thinking about you and your newfound paradise. Hope everything is falling right into place for you.

Take care of you and enjoy!!

Talk to you soon.

- Linds

Anonymous said...

Hi Gewels!!!!!!

I'm about ready to buy a ticket and come join you.........hope you're feeling warm and relaxed!! Thanks for visiting while on vacation, girlfriend!!!!! Next week - more sexy shoes for sexy you!! (you know this synchronicity stuff is getting pretty spooky.......4am??? dancing with ants???) LOL


Mother of Invention said...

You are lucky to have such beautiful scenery on your walks! The bridge looks so quaint. Reminds me of that Robert Frost poem, Stopping By The Woods..