Friday, February 02, 2007


Just a few very amateurish shots I've taken this week.
I really must learn how to use my fabulous new camera!

Shots like this last one remind me of Andy Goldsworthy. Really they are not even remotely close to his work, but the naturalness of the stones in the snow recall some of his sculptures. If you don't know who he is you really must check him out.


Bright sunshine on a winter’s day
is caught and held by naked trees.
Where light and shadow interplay,
like memories which fade away.
As quickly passing years erase
the glory of our younger days.

In youthful years of innocence.
Bright sunshine on a winter’s day,
dispensed by kindly providence.
Softened the sombre shades of grey
with subtle hints and shades of gold
Our winter weary eyes behold.

As we grow up and make our way
from childhood to maturity.
Bright sunshine on a winter’s day
still offers us the surety.
That winter is not permanent
in course of time it must relent.

A fact that cannot be gainsaid.
Which tells us spring is on the way
a sign of better times ahead
Bright sunshine on a winter’s day
Can send the spirits soaring high
to meet the brightness in the sky.

ivor e.hogg



hey thanks for visiting my bloggie

I love these pictures!! Well done!

congratulations on being a grandma. wow. You will be a peppy and fun grandmother. That's what I wanna be... but, not any time soon. no sireee.

I liked reading your profile... yeah, singing. That's not one of my talents either...

Anonymous said...

Hey Gewels!

thought i'd return the favor and stop - we've got a lot in common - I love Out of Africa too and ivor........!

The cardinal in the tree is especially time link over to my poetry site.......

and tell me girl......don't I know trouble..........!!! LOL

India, the Hippie Chick said...

New camera? Cool beans!

I like the cardinal photo also - and I'll have to check out this Andy Goldsworthy ...


lisa said...

I love Andy Goldworthy. I have his collaboration with nature book.

That cardinal photo is great.