Thursday, February 08, 2007


Todays Thursday Thirteen- Thirteen places I have spent a vacation.

1) Switzerland
2) Italy
3) France
4) Spain
5) Costa Rica
6) England
7) Ireland
8) Scotland
9) British Columbia, Canada
11) Hawaii
12) San Juan Islands, Washington
13) Cozumel, Mexico

Did you play?


Alasandra said...

Gosh I would love to go to all those places. I have managed British Columbia (aren't the Rockies great?) and Oahu.

The Rock Chick said...

Wow--that's quite a list! I love Mexico, never been to Cozumel. Hawaii is on my "one of these days" lists, too!

Thanks for stopping by my site-Jessica

Claire said...

An excellent list. Where in England and Scotland?
Th rest are on my list to go and visit! well i hadn't heard of San Juan Islands?

Eric said...

I've not made it to any of those places...yet! :) One dream is Scotland and playing St. Andrews!

Thanks for coming by...

Kim said...

How fun! If only my list was half that exciting. My husband's family has a house in Hawaii, but we've never been. :( Thanks for visiting my TT!!

el-e-e said...

Ooh, travel. FUN! Thx for visiting me! :)

judeandelise said...

That is quite an impressive list. My list isn't nearly as worldy. You are a lucky lady. Thanks for visiting my TT and leaving such a kind comment. Have a great day!

Jaci Burton said... are well traveled and I'm utterly jealous. I've done Australia and Mexico, but have never been anywhere in Europe or Canada...yet ;-)

Qtpies7 said...

I've been to France and Mexico on your list! I planed a trip to Italy a few times, but we kept having to postpone until we gave up, thanks to the military.
I've been to Luxembourg.
I'm playing the meet and greet, nice to meet you!

Amy Ruttan said...

Wow, you've been to so many great places. I've been to Quebec but not BC. It's pretty sad I haven't seen most of the country I live in. England is #1 for me.

Happy TT

Thanks for dropping by mine.

Kim said...

Wow, what a wonderful list! I'll bet you have wonderful memories of each place.

Thanks for visiting my site today.

Jewel said...

Great list! I'm so jealous. *sigh* We hope to travel to England one day. That is one of our goals. We sent our son and his wife to Hawaii for their honeymoon. *feeble grin* Seriously now...that is so great that you've had the opportunity to travel so much! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

India, the Hippie Chick said...

No, I didn't play this week - it's been crazy, but wow! Look at all the places you've been ... once we went to Utah for a vacation. ;-)

Teena said...

Good one! I may still this for next week :)

Mine's up :)