Thursday, February 01, 2007


How I Used To Spend My Free Time Back In The 1970's

This is the first time I've played this game (alhtough I've seen it before)
So here goes!!

1) Reading, alot- Books like "The secret life of plants"
2) Getting high- Yikes are my kids going to read this?
3) Occasionally running from the cops- only getting caught once.
4) Drawing- charcoal, pencil and pastels
5) Doing huge macrame' projects- My mother still has a hanging table I made.
6) Riding my bike
7) Camping and hiking
8) Shopping for platform shoes and glitter belts (I spent a short time as a "glitter chick") Mostly I was a Hippe Chick, however. Everyone says I missed my decade.
9) Disco dancing after getting into clubs with fake i.d.s (yes, I said Disco)
10) Going to tons of concerts- Jackson Browne (3x's), Deep Purple (slept through that one), Peter Frampton (I know, I know- what can I say I loved his hair),Frank Zappa (went with my mailman- who looked like a zztop member), Doobie Bros., James Taylor, Elton John (best performer EVER).
11) Listened to ALL kinds of other music- Led Zeppellin and Traffic (both, still my absolute favorites), Buckingham Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Eagles, Little Feat, CSN&Y. Too many more to remember- (see number 2 above)
12) Studying Horticulture and Art at the Univ. Of Md. (mostly checking out the cute older guys)
13) Learning to drive my new red mustang stick shift.

I am sure there are better memories of my high school/early college days. I'll have to get back to you on those.
Thanks India for reminding me about this game.

Did you play?


India, the Hippie Chick said...

Hmm, I must say that your life in the 70's sounds more exciting than mine! But you did remind me about concerts - this one was actually in the 60's: Iron Butterfly. LOL. That was my very first concert.

Your #2? See my "... and such." ;-)

crpitt said...

Great first TT, I love all the artists you mentioned, also one of my good friends dad has an awesome fleetwood mac tribute band.
Horticulture and Art? so you can be a book illustrator?
Thanks for the visit