Monday, December 03, 2007

How Many Are Truly Needed?

How many silver shoes are too many?

I have a dressy event to attend this evening so I treated myself to a party dress.

Cute huh?

Then I decided that silver shoes would be the perfect accessory..of which I had 2 pair in my closet already. Was I happy? Apparently not. So, I took a little shopping trip to my local mega shoe emporium. There, much to my surprise, I found several pair that were simply calling my name. Only one being silver however.

But, you see, due to my rather large shoe size I feel that I must INVEST in any pair that I love and that fit, that's what I did.

Did I really NEED either of these two pair? Hmmm, probably not. But, is it always really about need?

Silver pair #1, which I already owned

Silver pair #2, which I also already owned

Brand new silver pair #3- Which I just had to have.

And a very sexy pair of red ankle straps just for good measure. Hey, it has a silver platform and heel at any rate. matches my mani/pedi.

Which do you think?

Now what ever am I to do about a bag?


Akelamalu said...

Oooh I love shoes! The new silver ones are stupendous, but I really like the red ones - wear those with the new dress. Have you got a red bag to match? No? Another shopping trip tomorrow then! :)

GEWELS said...

Akela- I'm heading out RIGHT now for that bag to match.
I loved the red ones too- but my 2 gay friends said the new silver ones. They really are better at dressing me than just about anybody else I know.

Not so little Woman said...

I love the ones you already owned. The new ones not so much (silver). The red ones are hooot!! Whoo! Hoo! Look out, world! Gewels has her red heels on!

Mother of Invention said...

Door #1! I mean #1 pair is my 1st choice, and the red would be smashing too, if you can walk in them!! I never could and as I'm 5' 9" and have foot problems, I could never even attempt it!

Tell us which one you go a pic of the whole YOU!

GEWELS said...

NSLW and MOI- the new ones are a darker (gunmetal, maybe?) silver.
I was actually going with the first pair until I found the new ones. They just seem so much more modern to me.

Bag Update- found a cute little (actually it's kind of large)silver clutch at Filene's basement (30.00) and silver and crystal bangles (7.00 for 8 bangles)
Gotta LOVE Filene's!!!!

Now what about my hair? EEK!

Anonymous said...


by now the event has evented ....

Damn girl - a woman after my own heart ..... maybe i should post my new rainboots for everyone to see ... they are far out psychedelic ...!!

please post us the final outfit ... i can't wait ..... (rah rah rooommm - those red ones are HOT)

Akelamalu said...

The new silver ones would look great but Red is my favourite colour so I'm biased! If the gay friends haven't let you down before go with what they say. :)

Barbara said...

I would fall on my face wearing any one of those high-heeled shoes, but they all look great. So choose the one you like the most after you put the dress on. Solve the bag problem by not carrying one! That way your hands are free to hold a wine glass and a plate of food. I know, I'm way too practical. That's why I don't own any shoes with heels that high (in addition to the fact they would make me 3" taller than my date.)

GEWELS said...

Well, I chose the new silver ones. And, yes, they were WAY high. I was taller than just about anybody there- but I kind of like that.

Got a great silver clutch with a wrist strap- no problem holding multiple glasses of champagne.

Saving the red ones for a couple other holiday parties next week. They'll look great with my
60's-ish retro blouse. A little hoochie, but I think it'll work.
I'll post that outfit soon, too.

Mother of Invention said...

Yah! WE're gonna see ya!