Wednesday, December 05, 2007


First snow fall of the season showed up this morning. A bit unusual so early in December. My walk this morning through the snow was a bit surreal; As I was only posting, a very short time ago, photos of the leaves beginning to change.

I love the first snow- especially when I can stay cozied up indoors and watch it drift down covering the neighborhood with a fresh, clean blanket.

It was only minutes ago, it seems, that my front yard looked like this.

This evening, it looked like this.

And not long ago the backyard was looking like this...

And this....

And this is how it looked this evening (from the front porch)

The back woods this morning

Even the dogs had a rousing good time in the snow. They seem to get so frisky when it's cool like this.

Oh, and do you think it's time to get rid of the pumpkins?

At Christmas I no more desire a rose
Than wish a snow in May's new-fangled mirth;
But like of each thing that in season grows.

William Shakespeare


Mother of Invention said...

Great pics and I love all the wood at your house! It does just seem awhile ago when the leaves were changing. We got the biggest snowfall in 15 years yesterday..2 1/2 feet!!!! Today was a gorgeous sunny Christmas card day! I'll post pics soon.

GEWELS said...

2 1/2 ft?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yikes!- that's extreme. We only got about 3 inches. Heehee.

I like to call my home a little "cabin" in the woods too.

Barbara said...

This was like a "fast-backwards" through your year of pictures. As we got to beautiful spring, I said to myself "Hold that thought." How do you find just the right quote, like the one at the end?

(What did you decide about letting your inner self come forth once again?)

Not so little Woman said...

There's the Corgi deep in snow. S/he is cute!! They both are, really. I love to see dogs frolicking in the snow. Alas, we know Basil takes the "hmpf!" road when it comes to snow.

Akelamalu said...

Great pictures showing the difference in such a short time. My heart skipped a beat at the last photograph of your dog - the black one - I truly thought is was my own Guinness, but he's been gone 10 years. :(

Water Baby said...

I love snow. Over Thanksgiving, it snowed for a few minutes in Fort Worth. It was fun, but didn't last nearly long enough to stick!

Dave Renfro said...

Seems like it happens every year, doesn't it!

bulletholes said...

Gonna be 80 degrees down here today.

Anonymous said...

Snow? what is snow? having lived south of the snow line for the last urmm, err, 30+++ years of my life ...snow is a distant, vague memory. The doggies are SO cute !!!!

Gewels - your photographs are so beautiful. Have you ever considered submitting them to a gardening magazine for publication ??? I'd start one just to use those! (time and funding available, that is)

I must concur with Barbara: any more thought to personalization of posts ?? Steve has complained much the same regarding my own blog ... it is difficult (and obviously dangerous) at times to put our true selves out there on the line...

Love you,
(damn I'm still loving those shoes - did you see the Shoe of the Month club i posted in my sidebar??? I posted it for you! I need to add that as a caption ...)


Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Fantastic shots!!! Well why get rif of the pumkins, what are the doggies doing here? Do the like the snow/ My dog loves the snow very much, she is dancing ad rolling over her own little head, ahahah! enjoy december!

I posted again some Paris Pics in case you are interested, just visit my blog and look:)I wish you a good weekend

Greetings JoAnn:)

Pat said...

Oh, I love the first snow of the season. Miss that here as we rarely have any snow in Paris.

Best to you this holiday season.

storyteller said...

What an amazing transition in such a short period of time. We got wind, rain, and cooler temperatures ... but only see snow at a distance looking inland at the mountain tops.
Hugs and blessings,