Sunday, April 15, 2007


What a party! What a party! A good time was had by all. No one this side of cyberspace has ever seen anything like it. The social papers will be all abuzz.

The day after is going a bit rough. I guess one must "pay the piper" so to speak.

So to make myself feel better I am staying in bed and indulging in this.

A bag full of ice to cool my throbbing head.

A big bottle of aspirin for the pain of my hangover

And lastly- a little hair of the dog to settle my stomach.

I'm getting too old to party like this. Fortunately RDG's younger than I am- and hopefully feeling better.

What a party!!!!


soubriquet said...

You and me both, Lady, I bet you can't remember falling off the elephant into my cake?
I forgave you instantly though, as I was laughing so much.
And Red Dirt Girl trying to dance on stilts... Oh my head
I might have to go lie down...

GEWELS said...

And you, Soubriquet, what about all of your shenanigans. I have photos so don't cross me, as they'll end up in Inquirer magazine.

Anonymous said...

You funny....ouch - laughing hurts my head.....think I might steal your ice bag and aspirin and head back sleep it off......even a 43 year old knows when enough is enough!

I love you girlfriend! You made my party rock!

Thank you so much for all your help....I could not have pulled it off without you!!


Anonymous said...


Girlfriend you looked HOT....I saw Steve that hound, following you all around....the dance floor, the snack bar, getting you drinks.....!!!! Seems like you've already roped that rascal.....let him dangle for a while - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Mother of Invention said...

It was a very unique bash for sure! I loved that jumping elephant ride! It was kind of a "coming out" party like an older version of Debutantes with her picture posted! I kept thinking she looked like her icon pic...She sure looks fabulous at 43!

GEWELS said...

Hey Guys_ hope you all are feeling a little better this morning.
MOI- she does look fabulous, doesn't she? And that jumping elelphant was a blast- I think that's the one I was on when I fell off into Soubriquet's cake (but, honestly, I don't remember much).
And Red- what was up with Steve's Evel Knievel outfit? Only he could pull that off. Yup, he sure did like my pucci stiletto's (that's for sure) After all, he does Love tall women. You should have seen him looking up at you on the stilts, though- talk about drooling like Pavlov's dogs.
He did catch me once on his little bicycle but, shhh- don't tell- I let him.
And Dave sure can play a mean Strat. And he doesn't think his playing is sexy!
Don't worry- I'll burn the video.

steve said...

All this talk is makin' me a little anxious.
I think you guys are tryin' to tease me.
it all reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it.
I don't have as good of an imagination as ya'll...
Ah! there we was like a darn Beatles Album! The whole thing!
Even the link to princess haiku and her post seems to...
"Picture yourself!"

Barbara said...

Here's to your hangover!

Anonymous said...

ok enough about the photo just happened to be a very flattering real life I am as plain as well....I was going to say Doris Day but I thought she was kind of cute.....

Anyway...thanks again.....for everything! And thank Soubry for the jumping elephants (and all those personalized gifts!)

Akelamalu said...

That sounds like one helluva party!