Friday, March 09, 2007


Now for a little side-trip.

The following are shots of Tabacon Hot Springs - Natural waterfalls and pools heated by the nearby volcano.

Feel the heat as you sink into the rushing water. Take a jaunt through the rainforest- awed by the amazing vegetation. Feel the power of the volcano as its' groans resonate through the countryside

One final shot of the volcano

The Volcano

The volcano
has been brewing
for some time
Smoke signals
what the future will bring.
deep within its belly
hate is harbouring
resentment is rising
watch from a distance
the uncontainable
the unavoidable
We are left
crying molten tears
that burn down our face
until all that we had built
between us,
is black
and dead

Vincent Turner


Anonymous said...

Wow Gewels,

These are gorgeous photographs...if you are the photographer, then I say you have a gift......and the poem is so beautiful.....I love the metaphor....and it resonates so well with the previous post.....

Time, love.....time. Your time will come as sure as the stars and moon and sun......just for you.


Elaine said...

Mmm, I'd love to be there, Gewels - lovely photos!

Mother of Invention said...

Beautiful and lush looking!
And the poem, well, we could all have had those sentiments about things in our lives at one time or another.

GEWELS said...

Ack!! Does anybody know why most of the pics aren't showing up? They worked when I first posted.
If you have an idea, let me know

GEWELS said...

Re-posted these darn pics so now they show up. Don' know why that happens.

Linds said...

Love, love, love the pictures.

And I must admit... I'm a bit jealous.

I was excited about the yellowed grass in my fields. =)

Glad to know you're surrounded by all of this beauty. What a wonderful place to heal.