Monday, March 26, 2007

Black tie, Football and Wine

I can never say NO.

I was asked to serve on a planning committee for a local hospital's annual fundraiser. So, what do I do? I say YES, of course. What was I thinking?

The affair was this weekend at Ravens Stadium in Baltimore. 700 in attendance (mostly doctors). Fabulous food, fabulous band, beautiful Baltimore skyline on one side and football field view on the other.

Very cool part of the evening were the stadium tours. Not only were we taken out to the field but we were also taken into the locker rooms. Unfortunately, no large, brawny naked men were in attendance. Rats!!! I was so looking forward to that.

Here's a shot of me sitting in Ray Lewis' locker, sans smelly football gear.

Besides the cool stadium tour, open bar, rocking band, great tapas and mashed potato bars the highlight was the wine grab bag where for 15 dollars you choose any bag (out of 100). My choice turned out to be an unbelievable bottle of 1998 Opus One valued at over $200.00.
If you are a wine drinker and have never tried this you must. Truly the nectar of the Gods!.


Mother of Invention said...

I guess that wine would be wasted on me! I add diet gingerale or Sprite to wine!!

Beauty picture all dolled up!

Anonymous said...

Hey you gorgeous gal!! Where've you been hiding all that beauty??

You are going to die for these shoes I have for you (either laughing or loving...either's spring - let's kick up our heels and have some fun!)

steve said...

My, you do sparkle so Gewels!
Mother, I can't believe you would do that to a 200 dollar bottle of wine...
Its amazing the difference that is so clearly evident in a High Priced bottle of Wine or Champagne...I am no connesuer, (can't even spell it) but when I was a Chef I had occasions to taste high dollar stuff and when you do, you can certainly taste why its high dollar...

Mother of Invention said...

Not me, Steve! It's all the same once you dilute it with diet pop!!!

What sacrilege, I know!

Heart of Rachel said...

You look very lovely in your dress. Sounds like a wonderful and fun event. Congrats for getting a remarkably good wine. Enjoy!