Friday, January 05, 2007


What is a soul mate? All of my life I have assumed it was someone that you would love so much that you couldn't live without them. By love, I meant romantic love. But is that what it truly has to be-Romantic love? Now, I know the answer is NO.

A very dear friend posted the following, for me, on his New Year's Day blog.

"To Giuliana, your love for me is immeasurable and mine for you, you are my soul mate, what you told me at lunch proved that, the place in my heart will always remain a shelter for you, you too I will always love."

Everyone should have such friends. No romance here- just pure, unadulterated, hearfelt love and friendship. The feeling is mutual. This friendship is the balm I am needing to get through these days. Who really needs romance when you have a friend like this?

Following are some theories about the term soulmate.

Twin soulmates – Very close friends with whom one has strong bonds.

Balance Partners and Messengers – The people you meet along the way who help you create balance in your life.

New Age concept of soulmate
There is a prevalent concept in some segments of the New Age movement that some souls are literally made and/or fated to be the mates of each other, or to play certain other important roles in each others' lives. These souls are thought to have created something in a past life and they have chosen this lifetime to help each other "heal."

He is here to help me heal. Thank God for you, C. A most important role in my life you do play. Listening when I need to just talk- Comforting, when I need to be comforted- Making me laugh when I need to laugh- Lightening my heart when it is too heavy.
We were drawn together almost instantly. Seeing something in each other that we each needed. A deep connection made, unexplainable.

No judgements, ever. Opinions, only when I need to hear them. Inspiration, when my creativity ebbs.

A truer friend no one has ever had.

Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.
Jane Austen


Melissa said...

Hey Gewels,
Soulmates...they do exist in my world. I have an old friend that I met probably 10 years ago, and who I felt as if I'd known all my life on our first meeting. He remains a port in the storm. And while there sometimes is a "romantic" feeling, we were meant to be true friends.

And then there is Steve, the man who I will marry soon. And he is the yang to my yin. We sooo belong together, and we knew if from hello.

A new-agey girl myself, I'm sure that we committed to finding each other when some of our other life's work had been completed, and in the midst of the chaos of the Katrina, we found each other.


Glad you found yours, too.

Chuck ritz said...

Ah, Soul and Mates,
Soul being the truth with-in, the spirit of ones self that will remain forever when no longer on earth, the feeling of the warmth of your heart when you are no where near.

Mates - being unlike that of the animal world who only seeks to reproduce to keep the food chain alive. We find our mates in different circles and places in the human world. For what ever reasons, whether to be that candle in the wind (when light is needed for guidence),the wind beneath your wings(when your own spirit needs to be lifted) or to be that long and winding road(when you feel that you have taken a wrong turn). The two together as SOULMATES, provide the comfort of knowing that your heart is never beating alone.