Monday, January 08, 2007


Nestled between pages 242 and 243 of The Dalai Lama's "The Art of Happiness" lies this bookmark- Gustav Klimt's "the Kiss". One of my most favorite paintings of all time.
It is a beautiful bookmark. I bought it at the Neu Gallery in NYC. I went in October of this past fall to see an exhibit of Klimt's work. This painting was not there; However, This bookmark was.

I love books almost as much as I love art. How lovely to have both at the same time.

At times, when I stop and ponder what I've read, I will simply pick this up, run the edges of the stiff card stock through my fingers and meditate on the beautiful, brightness of the lovers cloak.

It's a very sensual image, a romantic image.Her face the picture of resigned serenity, as a kiss is planted softly, yet determinedly, on her cheek.

Although this image was not on exhibit several others of the same style were. All painted during his "Golden Age".

"Whoever wants to know something about me, must observe my paintings carefully and try to see in them WHO I AM.
Gustav Klimt


Elaine said...

I like that painting a lot! Thanks for sharing ...

Anonymous said...

Great work.