Tuesday, January 09, 2007


As this sunny, blue day gives way to cloudy gray skies I am bringing intense sunshine into my home. I have popped in a c.d. by Ottmar Liebert. A fabulous flamenco guitarist.

It's hard to believe that he has only visited Spain once in his life, where the roots of his soulful music began.
Click on the link below to hear the beauty of his incredible finger work. Soon, you too, will feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sunlight caressing your skin, and smell the scent of luscious oranges wafting in through your window. http://www.ssri.biz/index.php?c=36
Sit back, listen and enjoy a few photos taken on my last trip to a most vibrant and hospitable country.

Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos-Cordoba

Uplit bridge in Rhonda

La Mesquita- Cordoba

Gaudi Architecture


Orange tree-lined street - Sevilla

Valley view from Rhonda

The Alhambra- Granada


Melissa said...

Okay...now I'm really a little freaked out that you've been living my life. I have been to Spain only once, but have often said, "I could live there in a heartbeat." Your pictures brought back such lovely memories for me...of Sevilla, Ronda, Marbella...of paella, fresh shrimp loaded with sea salt and garlic, getting lost near Antiquera (sp?), and of the oranges and olive groves, of the pottery and the coffee.
Then I go back and read your profile and find out the Barbara Kingsolver is one of your favorites...mine too...loved Prodigal Summer with a passion...and wonder why she hasn't been giving us more food for the soul?

I am sorry for your lost...but know that this friend is adjusting to life on the other side with a grin and a wink. Talk to her if you need to, and know she hears.

Unknown said...

So beautiful. I was only in Spain once--in Barcelona--and that was 20+ years ago. You make me want to go back.