Friday, August 24, 2007


But you never were made, as I,
On the wings of the winds to fly!
The eagle said.

Will Carleton

High o'er the watery uproar, silent seen,
Sailing sedate in majesty serene,
Now midst the pillared spray sublimely lost,
And now, emerging, down the rapids tossed,
Glides the Bald Eagle, gazing, calm and slow

Alexander Wilson

All of the above photos were taken in Ketchikan, Alaska


Akelamalu said...

Beautiful photos. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi girlfriend,

I owe you a letter .... my apologies.

Your photographs are amazing. You have a natural talent for so many things, Gewels: gardens, cooking, writing, photography .... a book is definitely in your future, I think.

These shots are awe-inspiring.

btw: on my browser (Mac with firefox) the middle photo is shifted to the right and lying behind your links profile/links column ..... maybe it is my screen. But I thought I would let you know.


GEWELS said...

Thanks Akela- you're too sweet.
RDG- Thanks for the kind words. On both of my computers the photos line up properly in the post. I wouldn't know how to fix it.
If anyone else has a problem let me know- maybe it is something I've done- even though I can't se it?

Smalltown RN said...

those are amazing was over at akelamalu and I see she gave you an award...congratulations....great blog.....

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your award! I found my way here via Akelamalu- love your pictures! Hope you don't mind a link to you in my sidebar.

la bellina mammina said...

Stunning photographs! I love all of them. Thanks for visiting.

steve said...

Hold fast gewels lest he fly away with you!

Mike M said...

The greatest bird on earth!

Dave Mows Grass said...


A bald eagle surprised us as we were driving to Lake Weddington the other day. We were rounding a corner in the hills when this giant bird emerged from a deep ditch with a live squirrel in his talons. He had to really heave his wings to get above the windshield of my truck before we got there. It was close enough that I could see the terror on the squirrels face. Magnificent!

Mother of Invention said...

WOW! Excellent pics and what a fabulous time you had drinking in the scenery and wildlife! Did you see a moose? I never have. I saw my first Bald Eagle a few years ago out in BC. I love the raccoons too. Don't you just love downloading trip pics and seeing them on the screen for the first time? A feast for the long winter months!