Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Herb Garden Update

And she forgot the stars, the moon, the sun,
And she forgot the blue above the trees,
And she forgot the dells,where waters run,
And she forgot the chilly autumn breeze;
She had no knowledge when day was done,
And the new morn she saw not: but in peace
Hung over her sweet Basil evermore .....
'For cruel 'tis,' said she,
'To steal my Basil-pot away from me.'
- John Keats

I plant rosemary all over the garden, so pleasant is it to
know that at every few steps one may draw the kindly
branchlets through one's hand, and have the enjoyment of
their incomparable incense; and I grow it against walls, so
that the sun may draw out its inexhaustible sweetness
to greet me as I pass ....
- Gertrude Jekyll


Akelamalu said...

I love the words and the garden is beautiful. :)

Barbara said...

You are so obviously of Italian heritage with all these beautiful herbs!

Dave Renfro said...
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Dave Renfro said...

Wow! Your herb garden is doing a bit better than mine. If yours is the Amazon, mine is the Gobi. It's that bad!

You have a beautiful place.