Thursday, May 29, 2008

He Ain't No Baby Anymore

May 15 2008 Las Vegas

My baby boy tied the knot.
Hopefully they will live happily ever after. And give me some very cute granbabies to boot.

Aren't they darling?

This last shot is everyone who attended the Vegas nuptials. Small party but tons of fun .


Dave Mows Grass said...

Congrats! Good looking couple.

Not so little Woman said...

That's how weddings should be: Fun!! Congratulations!!

Akelamalu said...

What a lovely couple they make!

Mother of Invention said...

Hey,so beauty! Oh, to be so young and fresh, starting out with our whole lives ahead of us! Where did those 28 years (this July 12!) go?!!
You look great!!

Thanks for your visit! Yeah, my time just goes when I blog and I need to more reading and other stuff. My hands and knees are still painful so I have to spend a lot of time nursing this old bod!!
I just got a shot of cortisone in my right index finger today and I'm typing with a splint on it! At least summer is here! Blogging may be better as a fall/winter sport!