Friday, January 11, 2008


Back in November I took a little trip up to Longwood Gardens in Delaware. Here are some shots of their winter display. Nothing like gorgeous blooms on a dreary, drizzly day such as we are having today.

On this cold and freezing day,
The Russian sage does gently sway,
And miniature roses perfume the air,
I can see them blooming there.
Though days are short, my vision's clear.
And through the snow, the buds appear.

In my mind, clematis climbs,
And morning glories do entwine.
Woodland phlox and scarlet pinks,
Replace the frost, if I just blink.
My inner eye sees past the snow.
And in my mind, my garden grows."
- Cheryl Magic-Lady, Winter Garden


Akelamalu said...

Absolutely delightful! Thanks for sharing. xx

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are all stunning photos. I love how the red flowers beautifully stands out in the snow.

Barbara said...

This makes me glad I'm not color-blind. It was post of Pauline's last year that made me conscious of the sharp color contrasts in winter.

Dave Renfro said...

Beautiful pics! Say, I can't help noticing how, um, goldish-yellow your blog has been lately, and how blue the letters. Nice to have change, isn't it? I think so!

Mother of Invention said...

I still think the top one could be a gorgeous Christmas card! Or any kind of card really.

GEWELS said...

Glad you all like the pics.
Dave- is the color too much? I've been trying to decide but I'm liking it for now.
MOI- believe it or not that top one is a different photo. I guess it looks similar to the first one.

Not so little Woman said...

When I grow up, I want to take pictures like Gewels does.

These are awesome!! I specially like the one of the leaves in black and white.

GEWELS said...

NSLW- glad you liked the photos- funny thing is that photo is also in color. The dusty miller is a soft silvery grey so it just looks like black and white. I think that's why I liked that one in particular

Cindy said...

oh- I want to go there! We have snow again and I'm longing for Spring and green things.

bulletholes said...

Those little Red Berries look deliscious!
I like your new colors too, but I miss all your Diamonds and Rubies and Emeralds...

Rachinal said...

These photos are amazing!
So is the poetry! *think that's how you spell it!