Sunday, January 20, 2008


I attended the Horse World Expo here in Maryland yesterday.
I am totally smitten with Andalusians. I believe this will be my first horse of choice when I am ready to purchase one. After I get my gorgeous new 150 acre horse farm, that is.

I do so love living in my own little fantasy world.

Aren't they magnificent creatures?

Good places make good horses.


Not so little Woman said...

They do look gorgeous. Then again, pretty much anything that comes from Andalucia is pretty... :)

Barbara said...

Your horse is like my grand piano. Dreams can come true!

Akelamalu said...

I'm not a horsey person but they truly are magnificent!

Mother of Invention said...

Powerful looking. I'm not a horse person but I love the butterscotch colour with the blond manes. What's that?

GEWELS said...

Yup Barbara- waiting for my dreams to come true. Actually, I would be more than happy with 5 acres.
MOI-both photos are Andalusians. They come in several different colors. Aren't their manes gorgeous?

Water Baby said...

When I was too young to remember I had already planed out my future home, the only part of it that I can recall or have been told is that no matter what I will have millions of pretty horses in my backyard. I have since decided that I will settle for just one, a palomino quarter horse, a mare actually! Horses were my Orcas for the first 13-16 years of my life!

Mike said...

"Aren't they magnificent creatures?" Incredible.