Monday, July 30, 2007



Every year, in a neighbor called Hampden, the Honfest is held. The honfest was started by a woman who established a business in this aree of Baltimore many years back. Upon finding old photos dating back to the 50's she decided to celebrate the blue-collar, tacky roots of this neighborhood. The Honfest was born.

The local citizens go all out for this 2 day event. Beehive hairdos are created. Housecoats, fuzzy slippers, curlers and flowered swim caps are the costume of choice.

There is even a "beauty" contest to choose Miss Honfest. The winner is chosen on her attire, singing and dancing abilities and mostly her attitude. Smacking chewing gum and smoking cigarettes are also necessary costume details.

Besides watching the beauty contest- one can go to the beehive tent and have one of those beautiful beehive hairdos created on the spot. The best hairdresser this year was the most beautiful creature with an amazingly high do, bright red lipstick, eyelashes out to here and wore, I think, a size 13 stilleto pump. He was gorgeous!

Enjoy these shots of Honfest 2007- taken by my friend Chuck Ritz.
And, next year, you better plan on coming to Balmer, Hon.


Akelamalu said...

Great pictures and what fun!

goatman said...

My gal and I visited Baltimore and filled up with crabs (with newspapers and complementary bibs) at a place near the bay about '74. Also, doesn't John Waters also hail from there? He is one of my favorite persons to hear interviewed on radio; such an interesting fellow to hear talk.
Glad to know that your fair city is still a good place to visit and enjoy. Thanks for the update.

GEWELS said...

Akela- Yup, it's a blast- gotta love all the tacky hairdos and pink flamingos.
And speaking of pink flamingos- Goatman- yes, John Waters is a local boy.
Hairspray was set right in this fair city.

Mother of Invention said...

Very cool festival! I've never heard of one with quite that theme but it'd be fun. I saw Hairspray in the theatre stage in Toronto and really want to see the movie.

Barbara said...

Love the pointed glasses. What fun! What did you wear?

steve said...

Makes me wanna kiss somebodies grits.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the complement but it is only size 11.