Monday, July 02, 2007


This past Sunday we were invited to a FOURTH OF JULY PARTY ON THE FIRST at my bosses home. She has a lovely farm where she boards several (count that 17) horses. Every year she hosts a party for the fourth of july. This year she chose to host it on July 1st- being on the weekend.
She sets up croquet and bocce ball for all to enjoy while having cocktails.

I had the pleasure of playing with Julian Stein. A more charming man I have never met. I actually met him one other time at a dinner party at my boss's home.

Julian is 80 years old and the cousin of Gertrude Stein, American poet and writer.
At the dinner party he regaled us all with stories of his dear older cousin. Recalling times when she and Alice B. Toklas (Gertrude's lover) would pop in and turn their household upside down. For those of you who don't know- Alice was a world-class cook AND, most importantly, known for including a cannibas brownie recipe in her cookbook.

Gertrude and Alice at St. Marks in Venice

Here, I have chosen to include her brownie recipe, should you be inclined to try them

"Take 1 teaspoon black peppercorns, 1 whole nutmeg, 4 average sticks of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon coriander. These should all be pulverized in a mortar. About a handful each of stone dates, dried figs, shelled almonds and peanuts: chop these and mix them together. A bunch of canibus sativa can be pulverized. This along with the spices should be dusted over the mixed fruit and nuts, kneaded together. About a cup of sugar dissolved in a big pat of butter. Rolled into a cake and cut into pieces or made into balls about the size of a walnut, it should be eaten with care. Two pieces are quite sufficient. Obtaining the canibus may present certain difficulties.... It should be picked and dried as soon as it has gone to seed and while the plant is still green."

At the time of her parent's death Gertrude, along with two of her siblings, lived with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore. She then made her way to Paris, where she kept company with the likes of Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Henri Matisse and Ezra Pound.... Oh, to be living in Paris in the 20's...sigh!

Gertrude Stein by Pablo Picasso

Julian is dating a beautiful and charming woman 20-some years his junior. Some have called her a gold-digger-(He does take her on extended vacations to Mexico, Paris, Spain and even Maine). I, too, would date this man! He has more vibrancy and joie de vivre than most men I have ever met. So, he's 80- who cares!

And besides- he let me win at Bocce.

We are always the same age inside.
Gertrude Stein


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Akelamalu said...

What an interesting post - especially the recipe! :)

Age has no barriers, good luck to the guy!

steve said...

the cannibus i can understand, but I am a bit confused ( and intrigued ) by the black Pepper and four (4) sticks of Cinnamon...i like cinnamon , mind you, but that is a lot of Cinnamon!
I would not have let you win.
No way!

Mike M said...

Great post!!

Linds said...

What an interesting story and life she led!

Thanks for sharing it with us, Gewels. You're quite the entertainer : )


Anonymous said...

awwww gewels - you meet the most fascinating people .......

next time you throw a dinner party, please save a seat for me ..... i cannot wait to meet your friends and acquaintances .... !!!

Mother of Invention said...

Very interesting! Sounds like he just has the Life Force!

Bocce ball is so much fun!

GrizzBabe said...

Steve, maybe the cinnamon covers up the taste of the cannibus or enhances it's effects. Who knows. I'm more disturbed by the dates and figs. In brownies? And where's the cocoa?

Julian sounds like the most interesting man and full of wonderful stories.

steve said...

Grizz, now that I look at it is all a little disturbing...alnmost as disturbing as that Picasso!

Barbara said...

What a great experience to be socializing with an almost famous person. Let's have a slumber party and serve those brownies! I swear I'm not getting in a car after eating such because the last time I did I wrecked the car. But it was worth it!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked my father, but some of your facts are wrong. Gertrude was not living in Baltimore at the time of her parents' death; and Julian is more than 80. His "girlfriend" is more than 20 years younger; and I think that your "some have called her a golddigger" comment was just gratuitous meanness. She is a wonderful woman who really appreciates Julian. some of us have called her a godsend.

Anonymous said...

i am glad you have met my grandfather. he is an amazing and spectular guy full of great stories. his girlfriend is wonderful too. both are generous and loving. he has a positive impact on all of us.

GEWELS said...

Anonymous- Your grandfather is the most wonderful person I have ever met. Sorry if I got the facts wrong about where Gertrude was living. That was research done off the internet so those facts must have been incorrect. I don't intentionally mean to misinform.

I adore Julian's "girlfriend" and that sentence (goldigger...) was a repeat of the same words that she said to me the day of the picnic during a conversation. She was relaying the fact that someone had called her that recently. That is certainly not what I would have ever said about her- she's an absolute doll! Intelligent, charming, funny and classy.

I do feel blessed to have met Julian. So much so that I wanted to share this experience with my on-line friends.

Anonymous said...

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