Friday, March 27, 2009

Time Flies

Wow, it's already been over a month since I've posted anything (again).

I don't know where the time seems to go. It seems I do more and more and yet feel as if I fall further and further behind. Time's flying and I'm missing out.

I want to go flyfishing
I want to ride my horse 3 times a week
I want a pedicure
I want to plant my pansies
I want to take more photos
I want to take a photography class
I want to take a trip
I want to write on my blog
I want to read more books
I want to go back to life drawing class
I want to ride my bike
I want to have a dinner party for my friends
I want to see my friends
I want to build a waterfall in my pond
I want to finally get that mammogram (not really want to but have to)
I want to go to clubs to listen to more music
I want to make beaded jewelry
I want to play the piano (and guitar)
I want to exercise more
I want to learn Spanish (French,Italian)
I want to learn grammar (is it a comma, colon, hyphen or what?)
I want to see more hummingbirds

I'm sure there are more "wants" but this is getting ridiculous.

A want becomes a have with time.
Marilyn Bencosme

Time Flies and I need to try and catch it.


Akelamalu said...

LOL you'd better get cracking on that list! :)

red dirt girl said...

well, at least you aren't living to post - you're just plain LIVING !! And that's enough to make this red dirt mule green with envy ;)


bulletholes said...

I wannna go Fly Fishin' too!~
Any kinda fishin'!

Mother of Invention said...

I'm in exactly that mode. I am doing a lot more now that I more or less gave up blogging. sad but true! Hope things are going well with your new store and all you're doing.

Mike Minzes said...

A want becomes a have with time.

You don't know how true this is!

I have started a new blog. I hope to see you there:

red dirt girl said...

okay, ms. sparkly -

time to rest those wings, come down to earth, and regale us with new postings of your journeys!!